Return of the corset

Everything comes back, but the corset?

It has a new name, “shapewear,” but it is basically a super tight thing that makes you look thinner. It possibly also helps your posture.

A good idea? Well, it’s true that they do make you thinner. And it’s true that you will also be less inclined to overeat while wearing one.

However, many wearers are wearing them 24 hours a day, in a practice called “waist training.”




Return of the corset — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve had passing thoughts of trying it, and it wouldn’t be a matter of losing weight (don’t feel any need to do that) but of reshaping. I’m slim but have a more ‘boyish’ figure without much waist definition. Wouldn’t mind a little less in the waist, a little more at the rear and hips. 

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