“fun…amazing” – 3rd review

Thrilled to be reviewed in Moira Redmond’s popular and enormously clever blog, “Clothes in Books.”

It focuses on, yes, the clothes characters wear in books. What a great niche! Part of the charm of this blog is that Redmond manages to find photos or illustrations that perfectly capture the mood of the book she’s considering. She sure succeeded for The Paris Effect; the photo of a model striding along, swinging a tote bag and wearing a “fingertip-length black trench coat” is absolutely perfect. Fits my mental image of Amy to a T. And the photo of a gritty Paris street, the Sacre Coeur looming overhead, is equally wonderful.

In addition to her popular blog Redmond is a book reviewer for The Guardian, meaning she reads a LOT of novels. So I was very pleased when she remarked about mine, “Best just to enjoy it. It has a very twisting plotline – you never know what will happen to Amy next, and (unlike so many books) I had no idea how she was going to end up.”

Anyway, you’ll have to go to her site for the rest. (Please note that this review was written when The Paris Effect was still called Rules for the Perpetual Diet.) Stay and look around. The vintage illustrations are to die for.


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