A lovely ode to Paris, friendship, spontaneity and forks–both on the plate and in the road.”

That’s what Kirkus Reviews has to say* about The Paris Effect, the story of ten eventful days in the life of Amy Brodie, a dieting-obsessed twenty-something woman who tries to escape food and her future by taking a secret trip to Paris.

You’ll like The Paris Effect if you like Paris, food, and adventure. If you relish learning things about Paris not found in any guidebook, you’ll be happy you picked up this book.

Let’s see, what else do you need to know….. Well, The Paris Effect is chiefly about friendship, and love, and loss, and motherhood. But there’s also a robbery, an attempted kidnapping, and a big scary adventure in the forbidden catacombs of Paris. In fact, the whole belly of the book takes place in France. So if you can’t afford an overseas trip this year, you could take a virtual vacation with Amy instead.

Most of all, The Paris Effect is a good old-fashioned read that will keep you turning pages until the very end.



*The Kirkus Review was written when The Paris Effect was entitled Rules for the Perpetual Diet. Anything Kirkus says still applies, however, as only the title changed–the insides of the book are the same.