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First, the big news:

I have a new publisher! I am thrilled to announce that Velvet Morning Press, of Paris, France, will henceforth be publishing The Paris Effect.

Yes, you read that right–Paris. What could be more perfect for a book with Paris in the title? I feel very lucky. The book will still be available in both digital and paperback formats, on Amazon here.

Here’s what people are saying about The Paris Effect:

“A lovely ode to Paris, friendship, spontaneity and forks–both on the plate and in the road.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“This adventure is replete with delectable food, poignancy, humor, dark secrets and portents of illumination–which is as it should be for a story set in the City of Light.”
– Bellingham Herald

“Discover a Paris that few casual tourists see–not the romantic Woody Allen Paris but a multinational, multilingual Paris of street hustlers, puddles of pee, diesel fumes…”
– Paris Voice

“I couldn’t believe how wonderful and adventurous this title would be until I read it. This is an addictive read that will keep readers guessing on every single page.”
– Readers’ Favorite

“Readers who value a well-crafted story and love the sights, sounds, foods and options of Paris will enjoy this tale and its surprising sequence of events.”
– ASU Magazine

“A galvanizing debut novel, at once hilarious, harrowing, and heartwarming. Smart, sassy, a real gem.”
– Will North, bestselling author of The Long Walk Home

Why do I have a new publisher? Well, because my original publisher, Booktrope, went out of business the end of May 2016. But the wonderful people at Velvet Morning Press were able to step in and republish the book the very next day! Super efficient!

In other news, remember that if you read a version of The Paris Effect before January 2016, you didn’t get a chance to see the epilogue. It is here.

Also, yes, I am still hard at work on the sequel! No, I do not know when it will be done. Re-publishing takes a lot of energy….

Meanwhile, for general info on The Paris Effect (and my first book, The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl), click on books. Love (or hate) the dieting “rules”? They are all collected here. Are you a member of a book group? Check out the reading group guide.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS: Please note that The Paris Effect is published under my fiction by-line, K.S.R. Burns. The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl was published under my non-fiction by-line, Karen Burns.