Things to think and talk about after reading Paris Ever After:

  1. Amy was extremely lucky to find a home with Margaret in Paris. Some might say crazy lucky. But who do you think benefited the most from this arrangement? Amy, or Margaret?
  2. When Amy gets positive confirmation that she’s pregnant, she takes numerous steps to contact William with the news (phone calls, email, texts, etc.) but he ignores all her attempts. Should she have tried harder? What else could she have done?
  3. Six months after Kat’s death Amy still misses her, though her grief is less acute than at first. Do you think Amy will always mourn Kat, to some degree? How long do you think grieving generally lasts? When do the memories start to become sources of sweetness, rather than pain?
  4. At the beginning of the book Amy believes she has resolved all her food and body image issues. But what’s your take? Could these problems reappear at some point in the future? What advice would you have for her?
  5. When Amy and Sophie meet, they do not like each other (to say the least). What are the chances they will eventually become friends? Have you ever met someone whom you found really unpleasant at first and then later grew to like? Or are first impressions lasting impressions?
  6. Amy is surprised by more than one person by the end of the novel. Do you think she was too gullible all along? Would you have been quicker to pick up on clues that Amy missed?
  7. What are your thoughts about Amy’s friendship with Manu as the story progresses? What does he bring to her life and her Parisian experience?
  8. What role does money play in Amy’s life and in her relationships with others? Is it important to her–why or why not?
  9. When we first see Amy, she has been living in France for several months and is definitely in the honeymoon period regarding the wonderfulness of Paris. Do you think her views of Paris will change and she’ll eventually become more cynical?
  10. When we’re in a completely different culture, our good sense that tells us something is wrong might not work as well. If you were in Amy’s place would you have found yourself in similar situations? What are ways you use to avoid getting conned in an unfamiliar culture?
  11. What do you think of the characters Madame and Monsieur? Do you believe, like Amy, that there are still kind, decent people in the world?
  12. What do you think of the outcome of William and Amy’s relationship? Were you happy or disappointed? Do you think their relationship will ever change?